Getting Started on a Shoestring

You’ve identified a gap in the market, you have an idea, but investors aren’t interested. Question: What is a cash-constrained entrepreneur to do? Answer: Shoestring. Starting a business on a shoestring budget is becoming one of the most popular ways for entrepreneurs to launch their dream ventures. Shoestring Startups, also known as Lean or Bootstrap…

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10 Things I Learnt From My MBA

In the time that’s passed since I completed my MBA, I’ve been asked two questions quite frequently: 1) Was it worth it? 2) What’s the number one thing you learnt? The first question is easy; absolutely. The connections, discussions, and critical thinking you get from undertaking an MBA in the world’s top 15 makes the…

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5 Business Lessons from China

At the back end of 2013 I was lucky enough to travel to Macau and parts of mainland China to attend the ‘Young Managers Forum’ hosted by the Asian Association of Management Organisations. The week-long program saw us visit a number of Chinese and foreign owned multinationals operating in Southern China, with the implications for…

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