Our top reason why your strategy shouldn’t be based on competitors

  It’s one of the first things I learned in business: analyse the surrounding environment and competitors and from there, work out what your opportunities are. As you may already know, competitor analyses are useful as benchmarks, but we really shouldn’t rely solely on them, especially when developing a business and brand. Your desire to…

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Brand Awareness in the Digital Age – How Qantas Leveraged Data to Save its Brand

Brendan Lidster, the Operations Manager of Reload Media in Asia-Pacific, shuttles back and forth between Australia and the Philippines twice a month. When asked what airlines he considers when purchasing his air transportation, his immediate answer was “Qantas”. Brendan is just one of the countless Australians who hold Qantas as their top-of-mind air transportation provider….

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Essential Things to Remember When Building a Brand

When I need to purchase something online, including hard to find items, my first instinct is to look on Amazon. I like buying from Amazon because of the range of products that are available on the site. It also helps that the items are offered at a lower price in comparison to the same products…

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