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Business Plans

Business plans provide a roadmap of where the business is heading, ensuring that there are clear goals in place and a plan as to how this will be achieved. A business plan is often written when the business is starting up however it is important that all businesses have a plan in place and that it is regularly updated.

If you need help compiling your business plan, at Reload Consulting we write business plans for all business life-cycle stages and purposes. These plans are tailor-made to suit your individual business requirements and to achieve your objectives. We are experienced in all areas of business planning and pride ourselves on offering a quality consulting service. To ensure you get the best possible result for your business, we write completely customised business plans that are tailored to your exact needs without any use of “out-of-the-box” strategies or templates.

Once you’ve written a business plan, make sure that it is shared with all key stakeholders and also any potential investors to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the business and key goals. As time then progresses, make sure to refer back to the business plan for direction and to keep on track with goals and financial forecasting. A full review is recommended at least once a year as part of your strategic planning process to map out any key changes to the business or market in general and update goals where needed.

Business Plan Inclusions

No two business plans are the same, which is why each one we write is tailored to your individual business requirements and needs. However to get you started, the model below depicts some of the elements that can reviewed. Click on the topics you’re interested in for more information!

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Business Vision & Mission

  • Organisational Structuring

  • HR Strategies

  • Operational Planning

  • Marketing & Sales Strategies

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Exit Strategies

  • Action Planning

SWOT Analysis

Our consultants will work with you to analyse your business’ current situation by determining its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and market threats. This is essential for any business looking to improve in the future.

Business Vision & Mission

Critical to any business’ long term success is a succinct and strategic vision and mission statement. With this topic, we work with you to develop these key statements aimed at directing all future efforts of the business.

Organisational Structuring

Our consultants will work with your staff to develop strategies for organisational growth, exit strategies and/or business succession planning.

HR Strategies

This topic focuses on ensuring your business has quality HR strategies in place, including employee manuals, organisation structure, training and retention, employee satisfaction and corporate culture.

Operational Planning

Solidify your company’s processes and procedures to ensure an efficient working environment. This topic will enable you to undertake operational re-engineering to get the most from your business.

Marketing & Sales Strategies

This topic is dedicated to analysing your current marketing activities and providing recommendations for future advertising and promotional endeavours. This can include digital and/or traditional marketing channel activities.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Our consultants will work with you to conduct cash flow forecasting of up to 5 years, focusing on growing your revenue streams and increasing business profits. This topic is essential for any businesses looking to support investment applications.

Exit Strategies

When starting or running a business, it’s important to think ahead to when you may no longer be in the business. Having a clear exit strategy in place early is a crucial element to ensuring your business is structured and maintained in an advantageous condition for exit and presented as an attractive prospect for business valuations.

Action Planning

Central to business planning is the creation of the action timeline, which typically incorporates the consulting outcomes into a timeline or business “road map” with specific time-bound milestones and actions. This is important to ensure the business can monitor its progress during implementation of the plan.

Our business plans aren’t limited to the elements above. If you’re after a business plan outside the topics listed above, please contact us via the form on the right and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Where Does Your Business Fit?

We write plans for businesses at all different lifecycle stages. Please select the stage that best describes your business to find out more about our business stage specific consulting and other services most relevant to your business.

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