Population Health, a department inside Queensland Health, engaged Reload Consulting to assist with an overhaul of their careers’ website.

Reload undertook a thorough usability consulting project, conducting focus groups, stakeholder interviews, online surveys and more to develop a new design for the site that will be implemented in 2010.

  • Usability Consulting
  • Online Strategy
  • Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys

Templeton Property, a Brisbane-based property management and home buyer’s agency, identified that their online presence was not performing as well as desired and felt there was a need for a sound strategy and tactical plan for improving their online potential, in particular their website.

Reload Consulting worked with Templeton to develop a website strategy for the redevelopment of the Templeton Property website to ensure it is easy to use and complemented other digital marketing activity.

Reload worked with Templeton Property to determine their desired outcomes and to assess the details of their current situation. An in-depth evaluation of their website’s performance was carried out and used to guide the recommendations for conversion optimisation, content creation, search engine optimisation and effective usability.

The resulting brief outlined the technical requirements and optimal layout using key page mock-ups and detailed functional specs. This provided Templeton with an asset they could send to website developers in order to evaluate prices, inclusions and ultimately to find an agency that was the best fit for the business.

Bartons Holden, one of Brisbane’ leading dealership groups engages Reload Consulting on an ongoing basis to provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Web Strategy consulting advice to assist with achieving greater online enquiry number through their websites. Multiple Google AdWords campaigns are also managed by Reload Consulting.

These pay per click (PPC) programs are reaching new customers in a cost effective way for all of the Barton’s Group businesses. Reload Consulting works closely with Bartons management to ensure conversions are closely tracked and monitored.

  • Google AdWords
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Usability Consulting

Reload Consulting was engaged by the QUT Faculty of Business to overhaul its website’s usability in late 2008. With extensive focus group research, stakeholder interviews, online surveys and multi-design testing, a new design was developed for the faculty. This design will be implemented across the site in 2010.

Following on from this success, Reload was also engaged by the Creative Industries faculty to overhaul their web presence and usability as well.

Reload’s designs are now being used as the template for all future website development across the university.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC) was unsatisfied with their existing website and its alignment with the organisational objectives and the needs of the target market.

LVRC and Reload Consulting worked together to create strategic guidance for the organisations website and online presence, including a functional and technical website scope to act as a blueprint for the development of a new website.

Reload Consulting conducted focus group testing and feedback sessions across internal departments and with members of the community. Following this research, Reload worked with the LVRC Digital Steering Committee to develop a 5 year digital strategic direction, including development of objectives and core pillars of service, and requirements and communication strategies for each channel.

LVO found the need to conduct a review of their strategic plan for growth. LVO hired Reload Consulting to formalise the business overall direction and to develop an action plan for the company moving forward.

During a Business Planning and Innovation Workshop, Reload Consulting and LVO revisited and reviewed different facets of the business. Among these are the company’s business name and structural development, HR strategies as well as marketing strategies.  Recommendations based on the discussions were then formulated leading to the creation of a three year action plan for LVO.

Contec identified a need for future direction across key aspects of the business. Working with Reload, Contec’s consulting aimed to achieve growth objectives for both the short term and long term, and improve the current marketing and performance measurement processes.

Reload held regular consulting sessions with Contec to discuss the current business state, organisational structure and HR strategies, business expansion strategy, operations and financial planning, and marketing and sales. This process concluded with a final session to discuss the implementation action plan.

The findings from each session were analysed and compiled into summaries to direct the strategic recommendations provided in the Business Plan.

Contec Recruitment now have a clear plan for future growth with detailed actionable items to be implemented over the next two years.


Creative Business Benchmarker is a joint project between the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, the Queensland University of Technology and the Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation.

Reload Consulting has provided strategic business, technical, usability and web consulting services to the project since 2007

Kings Park Accommodation is an accommodation provider in the Chinchilla region for business and FIFO travel. The business was experiencing low booking rates and poor website performance.

Working with Reload Consulting resulted in a full audit of their existing website to identify where and how the site could be incrementally improved from a branding, conversion and usability perspective

Reload worked with Kings Park Accommodation to determine their desired outcomes, messaging and previous challenges in order to shape the recommendations moving forward. Reload then conducted a heuristic review of the website’s Google Analytics data, content, layout, design, navigation and conversion techniques to audit the site and provide prioritised recommendations for updates to the website.

Kings Park Accommodation have since put into action all recommendations and now have a functioning website that communicates their positioning in the accommodation space. Their website now provides an easy to use information and booking engine for customers and has resulted in an increase in bookings for their new establishment.

Reload Media has recently undergone a brand refresh in order to more accurately communicate the business’ focus on excellent customer service and their aim to be ‘Your Digital Marketing Partner’. In line with this renewed messaging, Reload needed to ensure all digital assets were effectively communicating who the brand was and how can help their clients compete.

Their objective was to comprehensively plan the website before development commenced to ensure all bases were covered. This process ensured that Reload Media’s service offerings and key brand messages were presented in a way that factored in the various market segments that the business serviced (small, medium and enterprise businesses) and understood the various objectives of those groups. The website plan was comprehensively wireframed and functionally explained in order for supply the chosen developers with an easy to follow plan to create a website that exactly met the requirements of the business.

During development, Reload Media involved Reload Consulting in the project management and review of designs and staging links to ensure the website components provided by the developers were in line with the required scope and desired messaging. With Reload Consulting’s help, the website was built within the originally set budget and timeframe.

The website is now live and has experienced increases in performance based initial reviews of Google Analytics data and the quality of recent website enquiries.

IT Systems Consulting firm Ensys Consulting came to Reload knowing they needed a new sales and marketing approach in order to grow their business.

Over the course of the consulting process, new strategies for the next two years were developed and these were formalised in the Growth Action Plan presented to Ensys after two months of intensive consultation.

  • SWOT’s
  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Organisation Structures
  • Vision & Mission


Alliance Finance and Property wanted to expand its market reach to promote the brand within Australia.

The Directors of Alliance Finance and Property engaged Reload Consulting to assist the company in achieving its business goals and objectives which were to expanding its market reach and building the Alliance brand within Australia.

Reload Consulting developed a range of strategies focusing on strengthening the business’s internal capabilities in order to achieve these objectives. This included the development of a new organisational structure, operating processes, and human resources management policies to enhance the business’s operating position.

Through our digital arm, Reload was engaged by Subway to create, manage, monitor and report on all facets of the brand’s internet marketing activities that were launched as part of their ‘Subway Catering’ advertising campaign.

By creating an integrated search engine marketing campaign that was reflective of Subway’s overall marketing strategy, Reload was able to deliver a campaign that has changed the way Subway look at the web.

As a result, the online space has now become a major part of Subway’s marketing strategies moving forward.

City Fertility Centre wanted to improve their use of digital marketing channels, particularly their website, to increase conversion rates and provide a better user experience. The business engaged Reload Consulting to review their goals and target audience before providing a recommended website brief for redevelopment. Reload Consulting utilised both their own expertise and background in usability, branding and positioning and conversion aptitude, as well as the subject matter expertise of City Fertility Centre to define a clear strategy for the website moving forward. This strategy was then translated into actionable next steps and guidance for building the site.

The website brief was supplied to a trusted web development partner who was able to transform the recommendations into a functioning site that has seen great improvement for the client since launch. The website now accurately reflects the key value propositions of City Fertility Centre and provides a valuable and supportive experience for their site users.