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Website Usability

Your website is your main interface to potential customers and clients online. If it’s not engaging and doesn’t generate the desired response from your users, then your website’s usability is costing you money.

Improving your business’ website usability means users will find your website more engaging, stay on your site for longer, and, as a result, convert more often into paying customers. Ultimately, there’s no point having a website if it doesn’t add value to your business.

Each usability project is unique, because we tailor every project to achieve the specific outcomes you desire. Whether that be increased sales, more enquiries, greater membership numbers or increased time on site, our usability consulting programs can create astonishing results!

How Does it Work?

Reload Consulting’s website usability consultants will analyse your website to identify trends in regards to the website’s usability. This analysis helps businesses to formulate successful website improvement strategies to ensure your business’s website is as user friendly, engaging and effective as possible.

After the analysis, a project action plan will be developed outlining the research objectives and website components to be tested. Reload Consulting can conduct this research to discover the needs of your target market and identify key areas of the website with usability concerns.

As part of our Website Usability service, many of the following research activities can be undertaken:

Card Sorting Exercises

Card sorting exercises require users to sort a list of topics into relevant categories or groupings. This process can help define the user’s mental map of your website and can contribute to an information architecture that users will find useful.

Usability Tasks & Testing

This method of research provides usability tracking as users perform a series of tasks. These exercises are based on tasks that users would regularly have to complete when interacting with your website. Usability testing is a great way to test the navigation and layout of a site.


This technique is used to assess the graphical usability of the page. Greeking replaces the text on the page with Greek characters. Users are then asked to locate various types of information on the page (i.e. title, contact details, navigation items etc.). Without the content to help them, they must rely on layout alone.

Cognitive Walkthroughs

Cognitive Walkthroughs can help to quickly identify where the most serious flaws are in the design of a website. In this research method, users are asked to perform certain tasks while talking aloud as they try to complete them. This can help to identify the users thought patterns and any problems they encounter.

A/B Testing or Multivariate Testing

This method of testing involves comparing a control sample against a variety of other samples in order to gauge response rates. A/B Testing compares the control against single-variable samples, where Multivariate Testing can test against many variables in the samples.

Eye & Mouse Tracking

Eye and mouse tracking is a useful tool that can track what a user is looking at while navigating through your website. This can be extremely effective in highlighting the most-looked at parts of a website so important information can be placed there.

Information Architecture Analysis

Organising content into a functional structure is imperative to ensure that users can easily navigate throughout the website. An Information Architecture Analysis evaluates the ability for users to locate topics within a navigation system. It provides insight into how best content can be structured and categorised to enhance website navigation.

Qualitative Concept Reviews

Qualitative concept testing can be used to gain an in-depth understanding of what users really think of your website. Users will provide feedback and comments on a website, page or elements within a page. This research method is highly effective for analysing user perceptions of new website designs to ensure the design is representing your desired brand image.

Website Usability Consulting Brisbane

Based in Brisbane, Reload Consulting is the number one choice when it comes to improving your website’s usability. We can work with clients across Australia to provide usability consulting Brisbane.

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