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Marketing Consulting

Marketing is one of the most critical success factors for any business, but it is also one of the key elements that is overlooked by many businesses when creating strategic plans or putting together their operational tactics for the year. Many view marketing as running a promotion or two, doing a bit of advertising or providing great customer service, and while all of these things are a vital part of any marketing strategy, your marketing needs to encompass a broader focus and integrate with the entire strategic direction of your business.

We offer a completely tailored marketing consulting solution. Depending on your business’ needs, we can either work with you on a project as a one-off, or on an ongoing basis across all areas of your marketing. If you are after something in particular, the below details a range of specific marketing consulting services that we offer. Contact us to discuss a specific marketing consulting solution that is specific and tailored to your business and requirements.

Marketing Plans

A marketing plan allows your business to focus on its marketing objectives, ensuring that your marketing activities stay on track. We offer a range of marketing plans customised to the individual needs of your business, including strategic plans, tactical plans and marketing schedules, along with short term marketing programs, campaign plans and action plans.

Market Research

The best way to find out what your business should be doing is to ask your target market. We offer a range of market research services, including focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviews, phone interviews, and product and user acceptance testing (UAT). These services will assist in understanding what your target market really thinks, what their needs are and how your business can deliver on and exceed their expectations.

Customer Consulting

Understanding the needs of your target market and customers is the essence of any successful marketing plan and ultimately, any successful business. We offer a range of customer consulting services, ranging from target market identification and analysis, through to developing customer engagement and loyalty programs to achieve your business objectives.

Branding Strategy

Regardless of whether you are starting a new brand, re-launching an existing brand or want to tweak your current brand, all good brands are driven by a strategy and a purpose to engage with the needs of their target market. We can assist with the development of your brand strategy, including positioning, value proposition and 'tone of voice'.

Product & Pricing Strategy

Launching a new product or rethinking your current product strategy can be a challenging process for any business, let alone when you bring pricing models and structures into the mix. Our product and pricing consulting services ensure that you go to market with the right product, at the right price for your customers.

Implementation & Management

Our flexible implementation and management packages provide you with an extra set of hands to assist with the execution your marketing activities. Whether it is for a short term project, assistance in a specialist area, or long term support to really get your marketing humming, we can deliver a marketing implementation and management package that is right for you.

Our consultants have the skills and experience that will take your marketing to the next level, through our vast range of marketing consulting services. We can work with you at the strategic level, through to developing your marketing mix, right down to the tactical level surrounding individual campaigns or marketing activities.

All of our marketing consulting services are chiefly results-focused, as we understand that results are paramount when achieving the desired impacts for your business. For any of our marketing consulting services, we work with you to formulate your objectives and develop the right strategy and tactics to achieve your objectives and obtain tangible and measurable results. Our services can even extend to assisting or leading the charge with implementing your marketing activities, and delivering a completely integrated marketing consulting project that ultimately results in success for your business.

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