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Market Research

Whether you’re looking to understand the level of satisfaction among your customers, assess job satisfaction levels internally, or gain valuable insights into your target market, we can deliver the market research method that will be most appropriate to uncover the critical data you need.

At Reload, we offer a wide range of market research methods, which include any of the following.



Surveys can be conducted online or by using traditional methods, and can retrieve valuable qualitative and quantitative data from a range of groups. We can help by managing the entire survey process to gain information on market trends, consumer perceptions or the viability of particular offerings. Our surveys and question design is completely tailored to your research needs and objectives, which we identify through strategic consultation with you prior to developing the research plan.


Focus Groups

Focus groups involve talking to a sample of representative users, allowing them to openly discuss their opinions about the area of research. Our experienced consultants utilise best practice research methods for the focus group facilitation, which results in increased response depth and reasoning for responses, whilst ensuring that accurate and unbiased research in gathered for objective results.


Depth Interviews

This method of research allows for more detailed opinions from a sample of representative users, who are met individually to discuss their opinions. Interviews can raise issues that may not have been considered yet and provides useful qualitative feedback.


Industry & Competitor Analysis

Evaluating your competitors and their operations provides an effective way to measure the industry conditions and identify ways that you can strengthen your position in the market. We can undertake a number of benchmarking evaluations to compare your business, processes and operations to those of your competitors, effectively enabling you to understand your strengths and weaknesses within the market.


Mouse Movement Heat Mapping

A mouse movement heat map provides an analysis of how users move their mouse on a website page and identifies the most commonly navigated locations. This provides an indication as to where users are paying most attention and allows for a re-evaluation of the page content layout and design in order to give priority to key content.


Click Centric Heat Mapping

Click centric heat maps provide an indication of the most commonly clicked objects, items or links on a website page. This allows for the identification of key content in order to re-evaluate the page layout and design, giving priority to this content. Click centric heat mapping tools will be integrated into your current website, allowing us to analyse the click patterns of your current site’s users.

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