Kaitlin is a Business and Marketing Consultant of Reload Consulting.

Kaitlin is one of the passionate consultants who make up the Reload Consulting team. With a strong background in marketing and customer interaction, Kaitlin prides herself on her ability to empathise with her customers and understand their needs to drive strategic recommendations.

Kaitlin began her corporate career as a Legal assistant in a Brisbane-based law firm where she acted as the key communication touchpoint between clients and lawyers. Her duties included communicating with clients by phone, organising client meetings and composing and sending written documents on behalf of lawyers. This industry exposure allowed Kaitlin to realise her passion wasn’t in law, but in working with people and building client relationships.

Since this time Kaitlin has completed her Business Degree (Distinction) (Marketing) at Griffith University. It was during her studies that Kaitlin developed her skills in team management, leadership, strategic thinking and its application to business, customer-centred decision-making and marketing implementation. She undertook many complex projects and created several strategic marketing plans including the development of a digital strategy for a struggling local business, a marketing plan for a Brisbane entrepreneur as well as an investigative piece on the ethical approach to Green marketing. The skills gained throughout this process have translated well into her current work at Reload Consulting, as she draws upon her past knowledge in marketing and customer interaction to build external relationships and reach client objectives. 

Connect with Kaitlin over LinkedIn if you want to discuss your own business concept or require insights into how to best reach your business potential.

Demonstrated Experience

Prior to Reload, Kaitlin worked closely with clients within Personal Injury law. Throughout this time, she developed a strong understanding of customer needs and respect for the protection of individuals. Now working within the marketing industry Kaitlin has joined the Reload Consulting team to support the growth and development of multiple companies including Sealy Posturepedic, Throat Scope, and Spine Street Studios. 

  • Marketing strategy and implementation                                                               
  • Market research and analysis
  • Messaging strategy
  • Green marketing planning
  • Social marketing strategy
  • Website usability and advisory
  • Customer Journey mapping and Persona profiling

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