Lea is a Business and Marketing Consultant of Reload Consulting.

Lea has helped shape business, marketing and communications strategies of startups, family businesses and SMEs in Asia-Pacific.

She began her career in 2004 as a television reporter in the Philippines, covering current affairs in the business beat as well as both chambers of Congress. Realizing that she would rather be in the corporate world than reporting about it, Lea decided to shift careers.

Lea began her corporate career as a Media Relations Manager for a Marketing firm where she acted as a bridge between her clients and the media. Her duties included writing press releases and organizing media events for clients from various industries and sizes. She was then offered an opportunity to work at a hotel, leisure facilities, and restaurant complex where she started out as the Marketing Manager, moved up to the position of Director for Corporate Communication then finally promoted to Deputy Managing Director. As the Deputy Managing Director, she supervised the day-to-day operations of the company to ensure all the strategic business units consistently performed according to set standards. It was during this time when Lea honed her skills in marketing strategy, marketing implementation, internal and external communications, operations management, product and service innovation, process engineering and strategic management.

To further enhance her knowledge and skills in business, Lea studied Strategic Management at Harvard University. After finishing the 2-year course, Lea ventured into Management Consulting. In 2014, Lea joined Reload Consulting and has since consulted in various projects alongside other consultants for a range of clients from different industries and ranging in size. Outside of Reload, Lea manages her own company: an online digital business solutions platform in the Philippines, from which an integrated approach to business consulting is offered to both organisations and professionals.

Connect with Lea on LinkedIn if you want to bounce off ideas on your business concept or if you have an efficiency problem in your workplace that you want to address.

Demonstrated Experience

Lea’s professional experience, hands-on training, and knack for problem-solving have equipped her to develop strategies to help organisations thrive and make the most of their resources in the current business environment. To date, she has consulted for different types and sizes of organsations such as startups, SMEs, and family business from various industries in Australia and the Philippines. With over a decade of experience in developing and implementing strategies, Lea offers a practical approach to Management Consulting.

  • Start-up and Family Business Advisory
  • Business Process Innovation Advisory and Design
  • Product and Service Innovation Advisory
  • Operations Management Advisory
  • Strategic Management Advisory
  • Strategic Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Persona Profiling
  • Stakeholder Engagement Workshops (Strategic Planning and Vision, Mision and Values Formation)
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Website Strategy and Design
  • Corporate Communications Advisory
  • Website Usability and User Experience Reporting

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