40 mins

Video – How to build Customer Service Chatbots that actually help your customers

Our founder, Llew Jury, and Consulting Leader, Sahlia Painter, sat down to run a webinar recently, to discuss the future of AI for customer service.

Llew and Sahlia talk through some great examples of chatbots being used across different industries, but brands such as Shop Spring, UBank, and Spikes Asia.

They also talk you through the key steps that need to be taken to plan and build a powerful, automated customer service assistant that customers actually love to use and that provides great value to your business.

A key point here is that chatbots need to be customer-led – driven by a deep understanding of your customers, what they need and expect, and how a chatbot can add value to their experience. Then, you can find the best technology solution to deliver on those needs.

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