Business Planning: The Difference for SMEs

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Business Planning for SMEsOften we get asked what actually makes up and goes into a business plan.

Most people understand the basics of a business plan and the process, however often expensive consultants try to “make one size fits all” as their mantra by rolling out templates or telling their clients they should read a book and all will be OK.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for a business plan as every business and organisation is different in size, staff numbers, marketing budgets and growth strategies.

We have seen some of the smallest start up’s being the most growth focused and cash ready businesses around, willing to push the boundaries and take a risk.

Then we also see (in the majority I might add) businesses that are stable and supporting staff costs and marketing budgets already. They are sometimes wary of fast risky growth and make sure they plan out what they do next.

For every client though, we are focused on outcomes and results. Throughout the business planning process, we ensure that we provide a personalised and structured business plan service, with the very best business consulting and business advice delivered at all times.

Business planning outcomes will often include:

  • A clear business plan, vision and mission
  • Outstanding profitability and more growth
  • More sales and leads with better customer retention incorporating thorough research
  • Greater cost reduction
  • Scalable and robust IT systems specifically for their needs
  • Exceptional marketing techniques, strategies and campaigns
  • A greater understanding of their unique “points of difference”
  • Any other business help and business advice

Without these, your business plan may not be the investment it should be.