What do we offer?

Our team offers a diverse range of quality-assured services to take your business from strength to strength – from sometimes overwhelming challenges to soaring new heights. Where you might feel confusion, we see no dead-ends. Where you don’t know where to start or what to do, we provide clear roadmaps and help you work towards your goals. We treat every client’s business like it’s our very own, since your business success is what ignites our team.

All of our consulting services are designed around your current challenges, so you can be assured you are getting purely what you need for success – where no solution is without purpose and value. Your contribution and empowerment throughout our work together are important to us, and so we structure our projects to allow you to share your thoughts and insights, to get the answers you need and hit the ground running with confidence.

From designing cutting-edge business plans to hosting collaborative workshops centered around developing differentiated brand messaging, to optimising your website conversion rate for maximum lead-generation, our team is flexible in developing customised solutions to turn your vision into a plan and that plan into action.

Our services can be categorised into three pillars: Clarity, Direction and Progress, each outlining what we consider core areas of focus for our clients. All our solutions are assured methods designed to address your business’s current challenges. Explore the service pillars below to find a service that’s right for you.

How we can help



We take time to understand your business. This includes gathering valuable information about the market and looking into competitor actions. Through this, we can uncover pertinent information to develop the best recommendations to achieve your business, marketing and/or digital goals.



Based on an understanding of your current state and where you want to go, we provide realistic advice and achievable recommendations. We determine the best approach to achieve your goals and then develop an actionable roadmap that you can use as a guide for growing your business.



The guidance and support that we provide are tailored to the situation and needs of your specific business. We can support your business by scheduling regular checkups throughout implementation, to drive momentum towards achieving your goals.

Tree of Knowledge Training

“As a small not-for-profit registered training organisation, we engaged Reload to develop a digital strategy for our business to improve our digital presence. Reload’s Sahlia Painter worked closely with us to develop a multi-phase approach including a situation analysis, clarify our vision and goals, and then recommend a strategic digital approach with recommended providers. This detailed strategy has mapped out a very clear set of steps to help us achieve a stronger digital presence to assist us a growth in clients – including students, businesses and organisations. The professionalism and depth of expertise the Reload team has provided us with strategy tailored to our needs and budget. While it’s early days in terms of our implementation, we’re looking forward to boosting our online presence and growing our training opportunities.”

Jasmin Munroe - CEO at Tree of Knowledge Training


We approached Reload Consulting because we were in need of assistance to develop and execute a digital strategy tailored to our growing national brand. Reload Consulting were an excellent fit to our needs from the start, and at every stage along our strategy development. The work that Reload Consulting delivered helped us by giving us not only the tools but also the mentoring and the support that we needed to get the outcomes we were seeking. The result of this was a holistic, future-focused strategy that would keep growing and strengthening with our business. One thing that we particularly liked was that the team are committed and passionate. They blend their experience and skill to deliver bespoke solutions. Overall, we found the experience Energising! Reload are like part of our team. We would recommend Reload Consulting to any business that is looking for innovative and fresh thinking around their digital strategies.

Jo Adams - Business Development Manager at Bentleys

Aether Brewing

“After months of hard work spent researching and developing our business plan, we found that we were struggling to finalise the end result. We decided to seek assistance to collate our efforts into a meaningful, logical document that clearly demonstrated our intentions and summarised everything we wanted our business to be. We engaged Reload Consulting to assist and were lucky enough to have Holly Middleton assigned to our project. Holly was able to take the work we had done, define our end goals and provide the direction and structure required to gather all the information into a comprehensive holistic plan. Holly’s professionalism and drive meant that our sessions were not only enjoyable, but enlightening with the process giving us clear vision and definition. The end result was an extremely comprehensive business plan that captures the essence of our vision and has allowed us to formalise the next steps towards realising our goals. We owe a debt of gratitude to Holly and to Reload Consulting for their dedication, passion, and professionalism. Æther Brewing is stronger and our direction is clearer for having taken the leap and engaging Reload.”

Jimmy Young and Dave Ward - Founders of Aether Brewing


"I approached Reload Consulting as I was starting up a software business and knew very little about marketing. The work that Reload delivered helped to give us a clear marketing and web design plan. The result of this was less sleepless nights for me as I can rely on their expertise and exceptional language skills. One thing that I particularly liked was how easy it was to work with Reload, with Sahlia as my point of contact. We both had a clear vision of the setup and marketing process and I am very happy with the result. Overall, I found the experience way above my expectations and would recommend Reload Consulting to any business that needs help increasing sales and defining their business to their target market."

David Balkin - Founder of eBoss

Australian AID's Civil Society WASH Fund

“If all my consultants were like Reload my life would be so much easier. Both consultants I worked with, on two separate contracts, have been professional, prompt, knowledgeable and I feel they are a step ahead of me. Comments I made in the first meeting, are reflected in decisions and documents produced weeks or monthly later. My project is quite unique, yet I feel the advice and material produced by Reload is in line with my desired intent – with minimal back and forth. It has been great working with Reload. I have found the organisation professional, very knowledgeable, quick to respond and very supportive.”

Katherine Harries – Knowledge & Learning Manager (CS WASH Fund Management Facility)

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