To have specific, actionable guidance for the establishment and future growth of a new craft brewery.

The founders of Aether Brewing wanted a strategically planned roadmap to guide them through the first 12 to 24 months of operation as they established and launched their new craft brewery in Milton, Brisbane.

How We Helped

We worked with Aether Brewing to conduct the necessary analysis and planning activities to inform the Business Plan. This included:

  • A requirements analysis
  • An assessment of the proposed business model
  • Articulation of the business vision and objectives
  • Discussion and investigation into the best-suited business strategy
  • Planning and mapping the organisational structure
  • Identifying the operational requirements
  • Defining the brand positioning strategy
  • Planning the marketing and promotional strategy
  • Discussing the key financials
  • Identifying human resource requirements and processes
  • Identifying the key requirements for the initial launch stages

We then took the insights and understanding gained from the initial consulting stages and developed an actionable Business Plan for Aether Brewing, which considered all relevant business aspects, including operations, human resources, marketing, and financials.

Key Outcomes

The Business Plan provided the Aether Brewing founders with a clear path forward for the launch and operation of their business. This enabled the founders to proceed with confidence knowing that the steps they were taking had been well planned and backed by insights.

In particular the resulting Business Plan:

  • Conceptualised the business’ vision and objectives
  • Clearly defined the next steps for implementation
  • Provided a formalised plan and roadmap to achieve the business goals
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“After months of hard work spent researching and developing our business plan, we found that we were struggling to finalise the end result. We decided to seek assistance to collate our efforts into a meaningful, logical document that clearly demonstrated our intentions and summarised everything we wanted our business to be... The end result was an extremely comprehensive business plan that captures the essence of our vision and has allowed us to formalise the next steps towards realising our goals. We owe a debt of gratitude to Holly and to Reload Consulting for their dedication, passion, and professionalism. Æther Brewing is stronger and our direction is clearer for having taken the leap and engaging Reload.”

— Jimmy Young and Dave Ward - Founders of Aether Brewing


Conceptualised vision and direction

Action Plan

Clearly defined next steps for implementation


Formalised plan to achieve the business goals

We owe a debt of gratitude to Reload Consulting for their dedication, passion and professionalism. Aether Brewing is stronger and our direction is clearer for having taken the leap and engaging Reload.

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