To establish a focused approach that is purposeful in achieving key growth objectives and expansion milestones.

SayStay’s leadership team had plans for expansion and had identified a need to consolidate their business processes and structure
to support growth and increase operational efficiency, and to have a clear plan for evolving the business model to accommodate the future stages of expansion. In line with these growth plans, SayStay also needed to further build its brand presence to reach, educate, and engage its primary target markets.

How We Helped

We worked with SayStay’s leadership team in a series of collaborative consulting sessions, to understand the business background, vision and strategic objectives, determine required changes to the business model to achieve the vision and objectives, and determine the operational requirements in line with the change in the business model.

We then conducted a quantitative study into the perceptions, behaviours and drivers of each of SayStay’s key market segments, with the goal of gaining a greater understanding of current behaviours and perceptions towards the concept, to inform SayStay’s Digital Marketing Strategy. The findings from this research were used to inform the creation of SayStay’s priority customer personas, and detailed Customer Journey Maps, mapping the customer experience from initial awareness through to a decision, and examining how SayStay does and can interact with customers at each stage of the journey.

Armed with the research findings and a greater understanding of each market segment, we worked with SayStay’s leadership team to confirm the strategic business objectives and identify the marketing and digital objectives, and develop the overarching strategy for how SayStay should leverage digital marketing based on the Profile Personas and Customer Journey Map insights. We also reviewed the brand messaging and assessed SayStay’s current state of digital, then identified the priority marketing tactics and overall approach for how SayStay could achieve the strategy and objectives.

We planned out SayStay’s marketing activity within a Marketing Action Plan, breaking the activity down into ‘sprints’ and detailing the actions that needed to be taken, the timeframes and budgets for these activities, and who would be responsible for each action.

Key Outcomes

The initial consulting engagement provided SayStay’s leadership team with a clear vision for the business’ ideal future state and clarity over how the business model would need to change in order for that ideal state to be realised. The outcomes from the consulting sessions included a Transition Plan, which clearly outlined the key actions and requirements for the most effective transition approach.

In line with the changes to the business model, SayStay also obtained a clear picture of how the organisational structure would need to evolve to facilitate the transition, and the key human resource and operational requirements.

This provided the leadership team with a clear direction and the confidence to move forward, knowing that what they were doing was taking the business in the right direction, in line with their goals.

Once the transition was well underway, the customer research project provided SayStay with a far greater understanding of their customers, between the key different groups and across their primary geographical locations. Key differences in values, influences, perceptions, and more were identified between customers in each country, allowing SayStay to be more targeted and effective with the delivery of marketing messages and campaigns. This also highlighted key points of concern for each segment, providing insight into how to best address and alleviate concerns and pain points and deliver a better customer experience.

Now armed with a clear roadmap for the brand’s digital marketing activity, our media arm is working with SayStay to facilitate the integration of the Digital Marketing Strategy, helping to build and launch targeted digital marketing campaigns, to increase brand awareness and drive more engagement and lead conversions through the brand’s new website.

Clear Business Vision

Conceptualised SayStay's vision and direction

Customer Insights

Data-backed customer profiles and journey maps

Marketing Roadmap

Actionable plan to guide strategic digital marketing
testimonial image

“Working with the Reload Consulting team really helped us to gain a macro vision of our business and establish a clear direction for how to achieve our objectives. Throughout the entire process, they worked collaboratively with us and I felt that they truly understood our needs and what we wanted to achieve. They were very professional, always friendly, and great to work with at every stage, and a special thanks to Sahlia for all the patience, support and professionalism throughout the years. It has been a pleasant journey so far and we look forward to working with Reload Consulting in the future.”

— Ricardo Ramalho - Managing Director at SayStay

Throughout the entire process, they worked collaboratively with us and I felt that they truly understood our needs and what we wanted to achieve. They were professional, always friendly and great to work with at every stage.

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